FilesAnywhere eForm

If you’ve been looking for a way to collect data online without a third-party application or expensive software, your search is over! We’re thrilled to offer eForms, a form building module, standard with every FilesAnywhere account. A simple visual editor takes you through, step-by-step, to create your form, distribute it to recipients with a simple link, and collect and manage responses.

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FilesAnywhere Outlook Add-In

The Outlook Add-in from FilesAnywhere streamlines uploading and file sharing, saves time, and provides additional features over standard email attachments. Once installed, the add-in allows you to grab local documents of almost any size, upload, create file share links, and distribute them to anyone with an email address. Best of all, it just takes a few clicks. The Outlook Add-in is one more way FilesAnywhere places robust content management and online storage features at your fingertips.

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FilesAnywhere Mobile Faxing

With its Mobile Faxing feature, FilesAnywhere provides users of its mobile application unbridled access to their information and the capability to send and receive documents when necessary. Mobile Faxing is a feature that’s easy to use and allows FilesAnywhere account holders to share any of their stored documents from virtually any location.

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FilesAnywhere Data Restore

Data Restore comes standard with all FilesAnywhere accounts, allowing easy restoration of files that are deleted from accounts. Whether data has been deleted inadvertently or purposefully, Data Restore empowers users to quickly and easily restore files from within their own account.

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Backup faster, and easier with CoolBackup

CoolBackup is the ideal web-based file solution, whether employed as a stand-alone service or together with additional (or complementary) FilesAnywhere features.

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iPad Application for

You can fully access your FilesAnywhere account on your iPad using the FilesAnywhere iPad App. Use all of your favorite FilesAnywhere features directly on your iPad with ease, including: faxing, sharing files and folders, and viewing and managing files online.

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Blackberry Application for

Access your FilesAnywhere account on the go! Upload your photos and contacts, as well as manage, share, email, and fax files directly from your Blackberry.

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SalesForce Application for

Integrate and access your FilesAnywhere account from SalesForce. Your sales team can now utilize the power of FilesAnywhere to manage critical sales contracts and customer related documents in combination with SalesForce.

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You ask and we listen!

FilesAnywhere has added PayPal as an acceptable payment method for your FilesAnywhere account. We also have updated our billing system to automatically generate receipts in PDF format for convenient record keeping.

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FilesAnywhere offers more ways to upload

Now FilesAnywhere features more methods for getting your data online. You may use one of many upload methods to add files and folders to your account.

Do more with your files on

No need to use your local applications, work the cloud! Now FilesAnywhere allows you to create new documents, edit files online, and collaborate on files with other colleagues all from your favorite web browser.

FilesAnywhere solves business problems

See how is solving problems for Fortune 100 companies and start-ups with industry leading innovation. Click below to see our Business Solutions by industry and to see our partial customer list.

FilesAnywhere Business Solutions
Partial Customer Listing

New media streaming capabilities

Experience our new Video and Audio streaming players. FilesAnywhere video player streams video in HD quality with the ability to scale the window to your desired size. Our new audio player provides track information while streaming the file.

Easily embed flash a widget into web pages

The FilesAnywhere flash widget allows you to embed a widget directly into a web page or into your favorite social pages, such as Facebook.

FilesAnywhere goes social!

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