How the Cloud is Revolutionizing Healthcare

with Todd Schnick of SIVAD Solutions


A pleasure to welcome Shayne Mehringer, Senior Vice President of Sales and Client Services, of With FilesAnywhere, access and share your files anywhere, anytime!

Shayne joined us to not only talk about FilesAnywhere, but also to discuss the intersection of health care and technology.



1. Cloud storage…how to stay on top in a very competitive space.

2. “Our customers have been our product managers…”

3. What have been the biggest, most impactful changes in technology since FilesAnywhere opened their doors in 1999?

4. The role of technology in health care…which are multiple businesses rolled up into one.

5. Lots of subsets and departments and divisions in health care and medicine…and most have their OWN SYSTEM.

6. The role government plays in complicating and regulating matters…

7. How do you get medical information into the hands of the people who need it in a safe, secure way?

8. Is there pushback from providers and hospitals about more and more usage and implementation of different technologies?

9. A good technology solution should help an organization run more efficiently, more securely, more speedily, and less expensively. Does technology do that in health care?

10. Heath care technology is useless if it doesn’t result in improved patient care.

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