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Cloud Storage is relatively new, right?

Not exactly. The buzzword “Cloud Storage” is new, but has been doing it well over a decade.

Web-based file storage is about as new as consumer CD burners – it’s been around since before the dot com crash of 2000.  The majority of web users have only been taking advantage of online storage services the past few years. A whole new generation has integrated the web with their lives. The rest have embraced the web as a vital utility.

But if you’ve been on the web for the past 10 years, then you may know that dozens of popular cloud storage companies have already come and gone, even before the term “cloud storage” came about.

What if that promising new storage company you chose suddenly closes? It happens with alarming regularity. More storage services will close their doors this year, and next year, as well-intentioned, often well-funded startups, continue to spend their VC investment dollars dry.  Examples…

Yahoo – yes, the monstrous Yahoo! – had a popular online service called Yahoo! Briefcase. As demand grew for their service, bandwidth started increasing, and more users flocked to their free storage, they realized that staying in business was no longer financially viable. Yahoo finally slammed their Briefcase service shut, and a massive number of free users were left out in the cold. Briefcase Shuts

The last time BeInSync posted on their blog was in 2006. These services could have housed your files. Now, I’m sure they gave their users a warning to download their data, as Briefcase did, but who wants to go through that?

EMC, the “experts”, once had a glorified Atmos Online Storage – they pulled the ripcord last year.  Now the EMC Atmos online storage service is no more.  Will EMC do it again?

Microsoft shut down its popular “Live Mesh” service and quickly became a live mess.

HP had the new jazzy-looking “Upline” online storage service. Bye, bye.  All gone now. “HP continually evaluates product lines…”
HP shuts down Upline online storage service

Frankly, at FilesAnywhere we have lost count of how many of our competitors bit the dust due to “funding difficulties”.  We are just too busy now delivering a high-quality, sustainable service to spend the time keeping track of the latest heavily-leveraged startup or all of the latest storage service closures this year.

Which brings me to the main point: is now the longest-running full-featured Internet storage service. The company, Officeware Corporation, was launched in 1995. went live and was signing up its first storage subscriptions on July 4, 1999.  Since the 1990′s, FilesAnywhere has continued to build a very loyal following, growing steadily and without missing a beat since it opened way back in 1999!

Here are some of the web storage companies that have tried and gone bust, at least the ones we have made a note of. Do you know of others?  If available, a link explaining their demise is included: saw a quick rise to popularity in recent years, but it is also the most recent to shut down. The technology was bought up by Facebook, but not the current consumer-used service. On their still-existent blog, they informed their customers plainly to, “Please download your information before Dec. 15 – we plan to delete it after that time.”

Other well-known cloud sync services offer less in features, but give what they have for free – the model is unsustainable. This is the primary reason why most companies in the above list are no longer in existence. Their founders may have the passion, and they may be great at raising cash to fund their first few years of expansion, but companies need to make sure over all else that they can continue to support their growing user base with a stable, scalable infrastructure and sustainable business model. That’s exactly what FilesAnywhere has done so well since 1999.

Here is a final utterance in the form of a tweet from AllMyData just last year as they were going under:  “The company ran into funding difficulties and will be shutting down. We are trying to restore data access so people can download.” Scary, right?  There goes all your family pictures, your project folders, special video creations, email backups, and critical legal docs – in other words, say goodbye to All Your Data! continues to grow and prosper. By putting the customer first, and anticipating what customers truly need. By operating our business with integrity, sound business practices, minimal debt, with a profitable business model. By providing an excellent service that is worth paying for. That is how we will continue to operate a stable service and continue growing during the next 12 years.

When choosing a cloud storage service, be sure to research the company’s history, its finances, its focus on file storage, and understand the risks that come with any company that bases their future on the latest promotional campaigns, short-term success, and successive rounds of investor funding to stay afloat.

Often imitated, but never equaled. FilesAnywhere is the survivor.

Save yourself the research time, and the risk of using another service.  Simply choose the one and only

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Today, Facebook has rolled out their long awaited updates to Facebook Pages. Pages are generally used for businesses; it’s typically a Page used to reach out to the market of said business. Our FilesAnywhere Facebook Page is pretty awesome. I mean, maybe I’m a bit biased, but it’s still pretty sharp. With the new updates, Facebook allows Pages to act like normal user profiles. The top of the Page will show latest uploaded pics. I just recently added an album for Apps that I will regularly update to show off how our applications look as well as sneak peeks into future designs.

These new updates will just make it even easier for us here at FilesAnywhere to keep in touch with anyone out there using our service. Even while looking like a standard user page, there is still a Discussion link. I recommend any users of our service to make use of it. Give us suggestions, leave comments, and even ask questions. Our ‘About’ box that used to be right under the profile picture is now accessible through the ‘Info’ link.

Another new feature is allowing updates made to the Page to be sent to Twitter. Here at FilesAnywhere I have my method on connecting each social network together, so whether it be Facebook or Twitter, I will get the message. There’s a lot more to the update as well, so I recommend checking out The Facebook Marketing Bible.

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Texans aren’t at all familiar with ice. The moment a snowflake touches the ground, schools within a hundred miles begin preparing announcements for a winter day off, and even the expert drivers at FilesAnywhere have to dodge jackknifed semis.  This week, all school districts in the Dallas area will have been closed for 4 days straight, with a chance for Monday closure as well. Usually these types of city shutdowns are the legends of 40 inch snowfalls.  In Dallas, one night of freezing rain is enough.

Tires on cars here are made for hot summers, not ice and snow. I myself have a small-sized truck that’s rear-wheel drive. Trying to get traction on the ice only causes my truck to spin around. But the folks up north just laugh, dealing with blizzards they still drive to work and school, like it’s second nature.

Because of all the ice, this week has been a bit odd. The office was closed Tuesday and Wednesday, with the team working remotely from our homes (FilesAnywhere version control comes in handy with everyone working in separate places).

Today most of us were able to crawl to the office on the partially cleared roads. But there is plenty of ice left, and in fact as I type this more snow is coming down. Green Bay and Pittsburg will feel right at home here in Arlington for the big SuperBowl this weekend.

This is a good time to remind you that there are always ways to contact us, even when Dallas is covered in ice:

And last but not least, this Blog.

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How do I keep all of my files in sync and protected, from all locations?

One of the most important features you should look for in any web-based file storage is the ability to backup and sync your most important data to the cloud – then access it anywhere.

All FilesAnywhere Web Advanced accounts and Private Sites comes with a software program that is just perfect for this: CoolBackup

Backup to the Cloud

With CoolBackup, your folders are automatically uploaded and protected offsite at our secure data center. Choose a source folder, and CoolBackup takes care of the uploads. Files that change on your local computer are automatically synchronized with your FilesAnywhere account.

If you’re looking for a simple, reliable desktop backup – CoolBackup is it, keeping your local files, cloud files, and mobile files all in sync, and protected at all times.

If you’re an experienced professional looking to backup multiple network machines, CoolBackup Pro has the advanced features and options you’re looking for. You can backup and sync folders that you need to keep up-to-date offsite, or at multiple local network drives.

With either of the CoolBackup versions, you can easily backup to the cloud, then share your files directly from the cloud using all of the advanced features.

You can setup a job to run in “real-time”, so any changed files are immediately backed up to FilesAnywhere or a local drive. Folder syncing happens behind the scenes, so you can continue working on local files as usual, and modified file versions are instantly protected.

If you are like us, working from the office and home should be a seamless experience. The same goes for people updating files from multiple locations. Every saved file can be kept up-to-date at all times, at all locations, and CoolBackup manages all of this in real-time, behind the scenes, so there is nothing to do – it’s fully automatic. You can even get reports in email that show you the latest status of backup/sync jobs that ran.

CoolBackup has a ton of features. Stay tuned to this blog for more info. In the meantime, you can check out the software yourself here.

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Start connecting with FilesAnywhere…
There are now many ways for you to connect with FilesAnywhere.  Being able to connect with us easily means quickly resolving a question or reading the latest about our service – all while commuting (passengers only please), waiting for your meeting to begin, while the green tea cools to drinking temp, or while playing Farmville.  

So, start reaching out and connecting to FA, anytime, anywhere…

Twitter Page.  Using Twitter, feel free to ask for help – jot down a question. Tell us what you like most, or need most.  Someone here on the support team will monitor the FA tweets and will drop in to lend a hand.  You’ll also find cool updates and news about our service.

Facebook.  Here you can also ask for help and receive regular posts on our service. Welcome Facebookers!

YouTube. There are some great tutorial videos here for popular features of FilesAnywhere and the library will be expanding.

Finally, this blog will offer useful info on the product too, along with some fresh updates and free-form editorials from our staff and fans.  The blog will feature service updates, new features, How-To guides, and much more.

Feel free to post your questions or comment away.  After all, this Blog’s for you!

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Welcome to the FilesAnywhere blog!  As you may or may not know, FilesAnywhere is a cloud storage company founded back in 1999.  The company offers many services to its users, and what better way to communicate with our users than with a blog?  I mean, it’s 2011.  It’s never too late, right?  First things first – If you do not have a FilesAnywhere account, you can start here.

So, welcome and enjoy your stay.  Any feedback would be appreciated!