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(PRWEB) June 14, 2011

FilesAnywhere, a leading provider of enterprise and consumer remote file storage services, today announced the availability of a new mobile faxing solution on a wide range of mobile devices.

Available for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and devices that run Google’s Android mobile operating system, Mobile Faxing from allows users to share documents easily from virtually any location, to any location. A few easy-to-follow steps within the FilesAnywhere mobile app is all that is needed to send or receive any file or document in a FilesAnywhere account.

“With Mobile Faxing, FilesAnywhere customers never need to worry about being unable to send any documents or files while on the road,” said Tim Rice, chief executive officer of FilesAnywhere. “With our new mobile apps, we are making cloud storage more usable, from more places, for more people.”

FilesAnywhere Mobile Faxing is free and works with all popular office document formats, images, or text files. FilesAnywhere paid account holders get near unlimited faxing, including the option for a dedicated fax number.

For more information on mobile faxing visit or alternatively have a look at FilesAnywhere’s official YouTube channel to view a step-by-step tutorial on how to get started with Mobile Faxing.

About FilesAnywhere

Since 1999, FilesAnywhere has provided simple, mobile access to files, cloud backup, storage, collaboration, virtual data rooms, and branded file portals for both consumers and businesses. FilesAnywhere is a trademark of Officeware Corporation. Headquartered in Bedford, Texas, Officeware Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Immediatek, Inc. (IMKI)

Support and information: 855-SYNC-NOW (972-893-3301).


Tim Rice

Forward-Looking Statements:-

This announcement contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Actual results may differ significantly from management’s expectations. These forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that include, among others, risks related to competition, management of growth, new products, services and technologies, potential fluctuations in operating results, international expansion, outcomes of legal proceedings and claims, seasonality, commercial agreements, acquisitions and strategic transactions, foreign exchange rates, system interruption, inventory, government regulation and taxation, payments and fraud.

More information about factors that potentially could affect Immediatek’s financial results is included in Immediatek’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including its most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K and subsequent filings.


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Our CEO, Tim Rice, wrapped his car in a fancy FilesAnywhere theme, which you can see below in the image widget:

If you happen to be in the DFW area and are heading west on Airport Freeway, safely watch for the car on the right at the end of a parking lot.

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IRVING, Texas, May 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Enterprise and consumer remote file storage service provider FilesAnywhere today announced the availability of a new function called Data Restore. With the capability, FilesAnywhere customers can enjoy peace of mind in knowing their precious data is even more protected.

Now standard with all FilesAnywhere accounts, Data Restore allows customers to retrieve files and folders that have been lost or accidentally deleted quickly and easily. That’s because FilesAnywhere takes a daily snapshot of each account and stores the content for up to 30 days. Should a file be deleted, a user can go back to a previous day and restore all the necessary items.

“Everybody can use a mulligan every once in a while, and, with the introduction of Data Restore for every FilesAnywhere account, our customers now have that luxury when it comes to their data,” said Tim Rice, Chief Executive Officer of FilesAnywhere. “The function’s user-friendly interface and minimal configuration mean account holders can easily retrieve and restore any information that has been deleted, on purpose or inadvertently.”

FilesAnywhere also offers Version Control, which gives users greater control over their data. By determining access to data, the feature prevents unintended simultaneous edits of files. Version Control also tracks changes to ensure an up-to-date history is available.
For users wishing to learn more about the new function or how it works, a Data Restore tutorial is available on the company’s website at


FilesAnywhere provides mobile access to files, Web-based backup, file storage, workgroup collaboration, deal rooms, client extranets, and other online file management services for consumers and businesses. FilesAnywhere is a trademark of Officeware Corporation. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Officeware Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Immediatek, Inc. Visit FilesAnywhere at, or call them at 855 SYNC NOW.

Tim Rice


Make sure to check out the tutorial video on our YouTube page.

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FilesAnywhere has an advertisement in the latest issue of PC World Magazine with an exclusive promo code. It was created internally by our very talented marketing staff! Here are pictures of the issue and the ad:

Also, at the PCWorld website, we have a banner ad that will occasionally appear on the front of the page! It’s not that we really need this advertising, but there are people out there living without FilesAnywhere! We can’t let them suffer!

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Currently, FilesAnywhere is situated in Irving, Texas (or as non-Texans call it - Dallas). It’s a nice location as it’s not too close to Dallas, so traffic is pretty light and the environment is much calmer (not to mention my ten-minute commute). But due to the company’s growth, it came time to look for a new location. We have settled on a great spot right at the intersection of the major freeways connecting North Dallas on 121, As well as both downtowns of Dallas and Fort Worth on 183. It’s in Bedford, just minutes from our current office. The new space is 10,000 square feet and will accommodate our growing staff in the near term.

Bedford is located between Dallas and Fort Worth. Talking to any of our out-of-state or international customers, I would still just say Dallas. But Bedford is great.

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Cloud computing is growing at a rapid pace and showing no signs of slowing down. A recent study by data center firm AFCOM found adoption of the technology for data centers has more than doubled within the last year.

According to the study, which surveyed 358 data center managers, 36.6 percent of the world's data centers currently use cloud technology, up from 14.9 percent just a year ago. In the next five years, that figure could be closer to 90 percent, AFCOM predicts.

According to the report, the rise of cloud computing is causing a dramatic change in mainframe usage. While in the past the mainframe has been a key part of data centers – with some businesses relying on multiple machines – that trend is reversing, as the cloud displaces this technology.

"While historically one of the most critical elements of any data center, today, mainframe usage continues to shrink," the report stated. "While AFCOM predicts mainframes will exist forever in some capacity, their prevalence has been severely diminished."

One key application that many businesses are adopting is cloud storage. According to a recent study by a data storage provider, 38 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses plan to deploy cloud-based backup solutions within the next two years, eWeek reports.

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IRVING, TX, April 11, 2011 —
Remote file storage service FilesAnywhere is providing its customers with a new backup and sync application called CoolBackup ( The software is available in two versions: regular, which is free to FilesAnywhere WebAdvanced users, and the Professional version.

“CoolBackup is the ideal Web-based file solution, whether it’s employed as a stand-alone or combined with other components of our FilesAnywhere service,” said Tim Rice, president of FilesAnywhere. “Business servers benefit from its flexible, reliable backup and synchronization that protects their data with offsite storage and ‘point-in-time’ backups that enable users to retrieve previous versions of data.”

CoolBackup Regular Version

Available for $59.90 with a 30-day free trial for customers who do not use WebAdvanced, CoolBackup enables users to synchronize file changes in real time, synchronize or backup complete folder structures in one or both directions from locations such as a PC, Mac or online storage. Users can increase backup capacity as needed, and they have no limits in terms of file sizes, the number of files or filename lengths. In addition, the program can copy file permissions and file shares.

CoolBackup’s built-in scheduler can run up to 12 scheduled tasks simultaneously without users having to log on to start any of the processes. Backups can be customized with advanced features such as email notifications as well as multiple mirroring and scheduling options. The program’s file access and backup functionality is also available on mobile devices.

“This program provides files support and security for small business owners, users with disaster recovery priorities and FilesAnywhere customers needing to synchronize across devices or with their files stored at,” explained Rice.

CoolBackup Professional

Users of CoolBackup Professional have all the features of the regular version as well as the ability to run the program as a Windows Service for background tasking, and Synthetic Backup, which allows users to run scheduled jobs and backup files locally to network devices without having to log on. Backups can be scheduled to run to and from locations such as a local hard drive, external hard drive and older media types, such as a Zip file or floppy.

The Professional version also supports various Internet protocols, including FTP, FTPS, SFTP/SSH, WebDAV, SSL, HTTP and Amazon S3 Web storage. “The Professional version is perfect for IT professionals, server administrators, and anyone who needs greater control over backup and synchronization tasks,” said Rice.

Like the regular version, CoolBackup Professional is available for $59.90 and includes a free 30-day trial.


FilesAnywhere provides mobile access to files, Web-based backup, file storage, workgroup collaboration, deal rooms, client extranets, and other online file management services for consumers and businesses. FilesAnywhere is a trademark of Officeware Corporation. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Officeware Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Immediatek, Inc. Visit FilesAnywhere at, or call them at 855 SYNC NOW.

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IRVING, Texas, April 07, 2011 — Recognizing the growing importance of mobile devices in the workplace, Texas-based storage services provider FilesAnywhere recently announced the launch of a new cloud storage application for BlackBerry devices.

FilesAnywhere for BlackBerry adds to the company’s line of storage applications for mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad and Android-based devices. The app, which is available at, enables users to download, view and backup files using their BlackBerry smartphone.

Additionally, users can rely on the app to collaborate on company-wide projects. The app enables users to share and modify files stored in the cloud, providing access to teams from any location.

“Users can now get more done from their BlackBerry phone using the cloud,” said FilesAnywhere president Tim Rice. “There is practically no limit to the types of digital files you can work with from the Blackberry now: videos, documents, spreadsheets, images, music and more can be viewed, controlled and instantly shared while on the road.”

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, have become near necessities for most businesses. According to a 2010 IDC report, the global smartphone market will grow by nearly a quarter in 2011.



FilesAnywhere provides mobile access to files, Web-based backup, file storage, workgroup collaboration, deal rooms, client extranets, and other online file management services for consumers and businesses. FilesAnywhere is a trademark of Officeware Corporation. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Officeware Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Immediatek, Inc. Visit FilesAnywhere at

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Today is World Backup Day 2011. What is World Backup Day you ask…?

No, it’s not an excuse for Hallmark to sell more greeting cards, it’s a day created by file storage enthusiasts around the world to remind everyone to check their computer backups. World Backup Day is on March 31st of every year. This is obviously a newer tradition (we’re pretty sure people were not testing their CoolBackup restore sets 100 years ago!).

So, for World Backup Day, I encourage you to double-check your CoolBackup jobs and login to your account on FilesAnywhere to see your backed up files.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of Advil!

If you don’t have CoolBackup, you can download it here. CoolBackup will allow you to run scheduled backups from your computer to your FilesAnywhere account or even sync between the two in real time. If you have any questions about how to use CoolBackup, feel free to reply here or contact our fantastic support team at 1-866-805-1991, or email support at

CoolBackup is included free with every WebAdvanced account at FilesAnywhere.

For our Web Basic users, you can still backup your files manually.  Just login into FilesAnywhere, and upload your most recent critical folders.

If you already backup your data to a local USB drive or DVDs, there is no better time than today to make a secondary offsite backup of those files too.

One day you could be very glad you took the time to celebrate Backup Day.

PC disasters always strike when least expected.

PC disasters always strike when least expected.



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Our very own Devon is quite the master film maker here at FilesAnywhere. By checking out our YouTube page, you can see many tutorial videos he has put together. Not only are they very informative, but they are also very well done. This is where you come in.

If you have any ideas for video tutorials, let us know! This can range from a specific feature or how it is presented. If you happen to have a great idea that really stands out, we can feature your video on the blog and even give you credit for it! Try to think of a feature of FilesAnywhere that you haven’t had the chance to grasp, or always have to explain to a fellow user. In the end, this will benefit everyone. Start brainstorming!