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At FilesAnywhere, we pride ourselves on the versatility of our product. Not only can our customers save money by utilizing their account for both business and personal use, they can save valuable time. In order help our customers get the most out of FilesAnywhere, we are continuously developing features to make this process more efficient. Now, our latest feature in the new user interface provides a central place to manage and organize your contacts, making it easier to share the right information with the right people.

Introducing Contact and Team Management

The new FilesAnywhere contact management feature creates much more than a typical contact profile. First, you can store information in five different categories: General , Home, Work, Team, and Notes. This allows you to keep both business and personal information under the same contact profile. Next, you can organize your contacts into Teams, depending on how you most frequently contact each individual and for what purpose.


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Everyday, internet users realize the importance of backing up their physical hard drive to a disaster-proof source like FilesAnywhere. Not only does this protect your important data from the unexpected such as a hard drive crash, theft, or fire, it allows you to quickly and easily share that information with others.

But as more and more of daily life is conducted online, the amount of activity individuals need to backup can add up quickly. We at FilesAnywhere understand that such a large amount of data can become quite a task to navigate, so once again we have listened to our customers and created a new feature to solve this dilemma.

Introducing File Search for Sharing

Last week we released the ability for users to search for a file directly from the FileShare window. Now, instead of manually navigating through your entire folder tree to create a Fileshare link, you can quickly search for and select the files you want to send. This feature has the same capabilities as the file search within the web interface, meaning that in addition to the file name, you can search based on any of the following criteria:

  • Upload Date
  • File Type
  • Text
  • Meta Data
  • Comments
  • Keywords

And for those who have OCR enabled PDF files, text with in an image can be searched as well. For instance, a PDF of a scanned newspaper clipping, or a typewritten date on a photograph will be searchable within the FilesAnywhere system. The screen shots below demonstrate the ease of the new search capability.


1. Click on Create File Share Link within the Share tab.


2. Type the search phrase into the text box located in the top left hand corner of the pop up window.


3. Continue to search and add, until your new File Share Link contains the desired files/folders, and then click OK.

Inline image 2

Simplified sharing in three easy steps. Don’t forget to leave a comment below to let us know what you think about this new feature.  And as always, let us know if you have any questions! Our support staff is available Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. EST at 866-SYNC-NOW or by email at


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Work in the Cloud, Not Just the Classroom

Cloud storage has become a staple for college students who need instant, mobile access to files and a simple way to share and collaborate with classmates. To help even more students stay connected with the cloud, FilesAnywhere is offering 40% off to those who sign up for an annual account with their .edu email address in August. Check out these top ten tools to help students make the most of their FilesAnywhere account chosen by intern and student at The University of Texas, Kokila Jaitly, and then use promo code SCHOOL40 to claim your savings on the plan that’s right for you.

Top Ten FilesAnywhere Features for Students this Fall

#1 Mobile Apps – College life is hectic, and every extra opportunity to study can make the difference in meeting deadlines. Whether you use an iPhone, iPad, or Android, you can download FilesAnywhere mobile apps to access the notes and assignments saved to your account from your mobile device anywhere, at any time.  

#2 Backup and Sync – Imagine losing your entire music library, or the final term paper you have been working on all semester because your laptop is stolen, damaged, lost, or crashes. By simply uploading files to your FilesAnywhere account, all your files are safe no matter what happens to the original. Paid accounts get an extra backup boost from CoolBackup. Available for both Mac and PC, students can schedule automatic backups for an added measure of set-it-and-forget-it security.

#3 Dropbox™ Links – Try as you might, it’s almost impossible to make it through an entire semester without missing a class. Whether you get sick, sleep through and alarm, or take a personal day at the pool, Dropbox Links make it easy to receive notes and assignments from classmates with a simple link and a thank you.

#4 Group Share – Without an easy way to collaborate and share work with others, a team project can create more work for everyone involved. Instead, use this tool to create groups and exchange documents, even entire folders with other users. Online editing tools allow users to avoid the hassle and confusion of saving multiple versions of documents to different devices, and security tools control what you share, who you share it with, and to what extent.

#5 eForms – Use eForms to collect and organize information from others easily and automatically. Whether you want to collect cell phone numbers and e-mail address from your classmates, or need to send a survey to a large number of people for research, eForms is completely customizable for every job.

#6 ZoHo Online Editor – Never get confused by saving and sending multiple version of the same file again. This plug-in allows users to view and edit documents online in real time. This means students can take notes in class and access them later from any device, or edit and send a document to a group member without ever uploading or downloading a file.

#7 Inbound Email Attachments – FilesAnywhere virtually eliminates the need to send files via e-mail, but you still may receive an e-mail attachment unexpectedly that you would like to save. Simply forward the message to your personal FilesAnywhere inbox address and it will be automatically saved to your account.

#8 Twitter Backup – Students today spend just as much time working and socializing with classmates online as they do in the classroom. Rather than search through the clutter to find an important or memorable Twitter conversation, use this tool to back up your tweets to your FilesAnywhere account for easy access, or to share them with others.

#9 WordPress/Blogger Plugin – College is filled with once in a lifetime moments, and they can pass by in the blink of an eye. Now is the perfect time to begin recording your memories in a blog. It’s free and easier than ever with the Word Press and plug-ins from FilesAnywhere. These tools allow you to share and post files straight to your blog and store them online in one step.

#10 Mobile Faxing – Faxing may not be a service college students use frequently, but when it is needed, FilesAnywhere users won’t have to search for a fax machine or learn how to use one. Every account is equipped with the ability to send and receive faxes from the user’s computer, tablet, or mobile phone, which saves paper, ink, and creates a backup copy all with one feature.

Not Enough?

This is just the beginning of a long list of features that students can use to be more productive, stay organized, and keep files safe online. Sign up now to discover the rest in time for the start of school, and be sure to leave a comment to let us know how you use FilesAnywhere to work smarter!

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Celebrations Across the Nation

We’ve received some great pictures from users of their Fourth of July celebrations using a Dropbox™ Link on our Facebook and Twitter Pages. Just another example of the fast, simple way FilesAnywhere connects people from across the nation. Thank you to all of the users who submitted photos! Use this Gallery Link or the slider box below to see the photos submitted by FilesAnywhere users!

The Uses Are Endless

Dropbox™ Links are a great way to easily collect event photos from friends and family in one place, then share them with a Gallery Link in a few simple clicks. Avoid the hassle of searching through Facebook albums or the struggle of sending large pictures through e-mail due to file size limits. Use these easy online file sharing features for events like:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Holidays
  • Baby or Bridal Shower
  • Family Gatherings

And much more. Use this tutorial to get started using Dropbox™ Links today.

[nggallery id=2]

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The FilesAnywhere team had more than one reason to celebrate this Independence Day – July Fourth marked the 13th anniversary of our founding. There is an air of pride and excitement at our headquarters as we plan for the year ahead, and look forward to continuing a legacy of quality service that has stood the test of time.

What Does This Mean for Our Customers?

A Sense of Security

As one of the original providers of online storage, FilesAnywhere has seen a multitude of similar start-ups come and go. Within two years, almost half of the cloud storage companies founded in the 1990s had to discontinue due to a loss of funding, poor investments, or unstable business models. As the years continued the remaining services shut down one by one, and took the user data stored on their servers with them. FilesAnywhere customers can rest assured that their information is safe in the hands of the longest operating provider of cloud storage, and always will be.

Ongoing Innovation

When FilesAnywhere was founded only 36% of U.S. households had Internet access, and just slightly more than half owned a computer. Yet co-founders Tim Rice and Chetan Jaitly had the business intuition and technological expertise to pioneer a movement that has permanently transformed the way information is stored and shared online. FilesAnywhere customers always have, and will continue, to benefit from the thought leadership that has continuously delivered the latest advancements in the industry – and there is much more to come.

Service Backed by Experience

With more than a decade of experience, customers will be hard-pressed to present the FilesAnywhere team with an issue it has not previous encountered and solved with ease. Our seasoned support, development, and executive leaders provide all customers – from individuals to enterprises, with the quickest possible solution to their needs, saving time and money.

Now is the Perfect Time to Sign Up

As a thank you for the ongoing support from our customers, FilesAnywhere is offering a $20 discount to all new annual accounts and annual account upgrades till July 20th.  The best part is that is only where the savings begin. From free services like mobile faxing, to savings on ink and printing, data center maintenance, software upgrades, and increases in productivity; FilesAnywhere will continue to pay you back.  Use promo code JULY4FA at checkout to receive the discount.

Save yourself the research time, and the risk of using another service with less experience, or a start-up without a business strategy beyond their next round of investor funding. Choose the sole survivor of pre-millennium cloud storage and proven industry leader,

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We pride ourselves on being a customer-oriented company, and recently executed a redesign of our user interface based on your suggestions. A few months ago, we introduced you to the beta version of that UI. Starting today, our consumer customer’s accounts will default to the new interface. It’s the same core functionality you rely on, built with a sleek new look on top. Extremely user friendly with an intuitive tabbed navigation, you’ll find new selectable views, a new profile menu, and a few great new features. Here are some of the things you can expect:

New Views

Notice something different? What about something familiar? The folder tree you’ve been accustomed to using is still there, only better. The improved tab navigation provides easy access or you can use the right click menu to choose your action. Optional views allow you to customize the My Documents tab.

New Tabs

  • My Documents- Contains all of your folders and files, including GroupShare™ folders. Breadcrumbs at the top of the page let you know exactly where you are in your folder structure
  • Share- Create new FileShare™ Links, Dropbox™ Links, GroupShare™ folders to other users, or send a fax.  You can also manage links from this location.
  • eForms- A new feature that allows you to create forms, surveys, questionnaires, registrations, or simply gather information. Once collected, it’s all in one convenient place for you to analyze the results. Easily make templates or individual forms with the visual editor then distribute them with a link.  Advanced features include HTML code for embedding, custom branding, folder assignment, enhanced security, and the ability to accept uploads.
  • Tools- Here’s where you’ll find reports and services, including Data Restore and plugins. In addition, you can use the predefined Auto Grouping buttons to sort files and folders in your account in numerous ways. Makes finding that certain PDF less of a headache!
  • History- View your File History Log, including link tracking, checkin/checkout history, and currently checked out files.

New Features and Functionality

You asked, we delivered. In addition to eForms, we’ve also added drag and drop uploads. We understand that quick integration between your browser and your online file storage is a must. The new UI features drag and drop capabilities, and though it might seem like a simple enhancement, we think you’ll agree it’s a powerful tool that makes your experience richer. Use the drag and drop feature with the following browsers seamlessly:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer 10 (slated for future releases)

Ready, Set, Go to the New Interface!

Ready to get started? Simply login to your account. As always, we welcome your thoughts! Give us your opinion on the new interface through the Feedback tab on the right-hand side of your page.

Reverting to the Classic Interface

If you prefer the classic interface, it’s still available to you. Click the arrow next to the avatar and select Switch to the Classic Version.

We do encourage you to try the new interface and begin working within it as the classic version will be phased out eventually.

Need Help?

As always, you’re welcome to talk to our helpful support representatives at (855) SYNC-NOW or if you have any questions. We hope you enjoy the new interface and look forward to your comments and suggestions!

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We’re knee deep in cuteness, just the way we like it! Our Cutest Kid contest benefiting Help a Mother Out is well underway with some absolutely adorable photos. So far we’ve raised more than 10% of our $1000 goal, and reserved more than 190 GB of free storage space for our submissions and contest winners. The contest will run through the end of May, so you still have time to submit your photo.

How to Enter

  • Simply upload your favorite cute kid photo to this Dropbox™ Link, and we’ll add it to our contest album.
  • Encourage friends and family to like the photo on our Facebook page.
  • The photo with the most likes will win a single-user, 20 GB account free for one year, and all other participants will receive a single-user 10 GB account free for 3 months.

In turn, FilesAnywhere will donate $5 for every photo submitted, and an additional $1 for each like it receives, up to $1000, to support the Help A Mother Out and their fundraising goal of $30,000 for its Mother’s Day Campaign.

Make It Count

  • Share the Cutest Kid Contest Photo Album- Sharing the contest folder places it on your timeline or wall, and adds it to your newsfeed. This means your friends and family are more likely to see it and vote for your adorable kiddo!
  • Share Our Event- We’ve create a Cutest Kid Contest event that you can share, and help get the word out. Encourage others to enter, too. The more submissions and photo likes, the more we can donate to Help A Mother Out.
  • Create Your Own Event- One of the easiest and fastest ways to get the word out about your submission in the cutest kid contest is to create an event and invite your friends and family. Make sure to include a link to the Contest photo ablum so they’re just a few clicks away from making you the winner.
  • Tag Friends and Family- You can also share your Cutest Kid Entry with others by tagging them in the photo, and giving them the chance to like your photo.
  • Interact- Comment on your photo and others to create conversation. We ALL remember the Terrible Two’s!
  • Make Your Submission Your Profile Photo- Make sure to add a comment letting everyone know the photo is your submission in the FilesAnywhere Cutest Kid Contest. You can even include a link to the photo in our photo album giving everyone the ability to click, like, and hand you the winning votes.
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FilesAnywhere Mother's Day Cutest Kid Contest

That's one beautiful baby!

Show off your pride and joy, win a Free 20GB Account, and Support Mothers In Need With FilesAnywhere Mother’s Day Contest!

Online storage can help you safely backup family photos, videos, and other important memories. This month, it can also help provide diapers to mothers and babies in need. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and FilesAnywhere is hosting a Cutest Kid contest on Facebook.

To enter, moms simply upload their favorite photo of their kid(s) to this Dropbox™ Link, we’ll add it to our contest album, and then you encourage friends and family to like the photo on our Facebook page.  The photo with the most likes will win a single-user, 20 GB account free for one year, and all other participants will receive a single-user 10 GB account free for 3 months.

Help A Mother Out In turn, FilesAnywhere will donate $5 for every photo submitted, and an additional $1 for each like it receives, up to $1000, to support the Help A Mother Out and their fundraising goal of $30,000 for its Mother’s Day Campaign.

The contest will begin Mother’s Day, Sunday May, 13th and continue through the end of May. This will allow entrants plenty of time to encourage friends and family to visit the FilesAnywhere Facebook page and vote for their picture. Family members may enter on behalf of their mom, wife, sister, or aunt and the account will be awarded as a gift.

That’s Not All We Can Do

There are plently of other features moms can use on their FilesAnywhere account in addition to backing up their photos, such as:

  • eForms to organize PTA meetings, classroom events, or contact info.
  • The iPhone or Andriod app to access important files on the go (Tip: Sync files to make a mobile to-do list or shopping list, and get errands done quickly).
  • Mobile Faxing to send a doctor’s note or other forms to school using their smartphone.
  • Group share to help kids with homework,  even when you’re stuck at the office.
  • WordPress and Blogger plugins get started with a blog about your everyday adventures as a mom.

Has FilesAnywhere helped you as a mom in this fast-paced, techy world? Let us know by leaving a comment, and be sure to enter the contest to win free storage and help out other mothers in need!

Contest Rules:

  1. One entry per family, please.
  2. Comments will not be counted for donations, only likes and entries.
  3. The contest will begin May 13th, at 8 a.m., and end May 31st at midnight, Eastern Time.
  4. Entries must be titled as “FilesAnywhere Cutest Kid Contest,” and include the mother’s name in the message section of the Dropbox™ Link.


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online file sharing collaboration teaching cloud teacher appreciation recognitionMay 7-11 is Teacher Appreciation week. We want to take a moment to recognize teachers across the country, and to say thank you for your hard work, enthusiasm, and sacrifice.

Where would we be without teachers? Take a second to think about it. Can you write your name? Thank a teacher. Are you reading the latest bestseller and really enjoying it? Thank a teacher. Do you know the difference between an insect and a spider? How to balance your checkbook? How to drive a car? Thank a teacher. If you found something that you loved and followed a dream, you can probably thank a teacher for that, too.

FilesAnywhere Helping Teachers Meet Challenges

It takes devotion, passion, and enthusiasm to be a teacher and to overcome the challenges faced on the job. Overcoming imited funds, large class sizes, and finding new ways to reach students, as well as their parents, are critical yet problematic. FilesAnywhere is pleased to provides solutions that truly help teachers in the classroom and beyond:

Collaborate with Colleagues

Even teachers need to learn, and a large part of that continuing education comes through peers and colleagues. We understand that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to schedule additional time. With FilesAnywhere GroupShare™, you can create virtual meeting rooms to share relevant studies, educational articles, work together on curriculum, and exchange ideas. Each participant has instant access and can collaborate it in real-time, or when time permits.

Spark Interest Through Technology

Students today are extremely sophisticated when it comes to technology. Help unlock the desire to learn in new ways with FilesAnywhere. Share assignments and study materials with FileShare™ Links, or set up collaborative projects between students and virtual study groups with GroupShare. When students access courses through a medium they enjoy, learning becomes exciting again.

Organize and Access Course Material

It’s tough out there with budgets are stretched to the max and classroom sizes growing. FilesAnywhere can help teachers with the influx of papers, as well as access to core curriculum materials through a single portal. Store and stream videos for in class or at home viewing assignments, view and present documents from your computer to projectors, distribute slides, and create personalized Dropbox™ Links to receive assignments.

Reach Parents

As an educator, you know the importance of parental involvement.Today there are so many more working parents, and finding time to work together, or even just reaching them, can be a difficult. FilesAnywhere can help you foster a virtual working relationship with parents. Share progress reports, conference materials, even send and receive permission slips instantly. The applications to help organize and collaborate with parents are almost limitless.

A Few of Our Education Partners

FilesAnywhere has more than 13 years of experience providing secure service to educators and institutions. View a few of our partners and learn more. We’re happy to help so feel free to contact us with questions.

Origins of Teacher Recognition Day and Teacher Appreciation Week

We learn so much more than we realize from educators. The foundation of nearly everything we do in our adult lives we learn in school. Teachers with dedication and passion pass along an appetite for learning that set us, and our children, on the right path. A path to success and a path to a great future.

We can’t imagine a time when we DIDN’T take a day to recognize and thank teachers everywhere. But when and where did it all start? According to, you can thank Mattye Whyte Woodbridge, an Arkansas teacher who began a letter writing campaign in 1944. Mattye corresponded with political and educational leaders about the need for a national day of honor, including Eleanor Roosevelt who persuaded congress to proclaim a National Teacher day in 1953.

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tree growing out of paper

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Today is the last day to take advantage of the FilesAnywhere Plant a Tree promotion. With the help of the Arbor Day Foundation, FilesAnywhere will plant a tree for every new paid account and account upgrade during the month of April in honor of Earth Day and Arbor Day.

End April 2012 with the peace of mind that next Arbor Day the world will be one tree greener because of you, using promo code GREENFA. You can breathe easier knowing that you did your part to help end deforestation – literally! Just one mature tree can remove up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air, and produce enough oxygen to support two human beings.

You’ll also be helping to save thousands of species from losing their habitat to deforestation year round, by utilizing your new online file storage from FilesAnywhere. Instead of traditional paper filing, printing, and faxing you’ll be able to store, share, and send your files online – no paper needed.

There’s nothing to lose when you spend your green on something green. Put the most advanced features in file sharing at your finger tips by upgrading your account, or get started with a new account today.


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