Join Us for World Backup Day

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We have a tendency to think of our technology as infallible, when in fact, it’s not a matter of if it will fail, but when it will fail. Hard drive crashes, human error, viruses, software corruption, natural disaster, loss, and theft are just a few of the reasons your data could be damaged, destroyed, or gone forever. Disaster recovery… Read more »

Announcing the FilesAnywhere Mother’s Day Cutest Kid Contest Benefiting Help A Mother Out

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Show off your pride and joy, win a Free 20GB Account, and Support Mothers In Need With FilesAnywhere Mother’s Day Contest! Online storage can help you safely backup family photos, videos, and other important memories. This month, it can also help provide diapers to mothers and babies in need. Mother’s Day is just around the… Read more »

World Backup Day 2011

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Today is World Backup Day 2011. What is World Backup Day you ask…? No, it’s not an excuse for Hallmark to sell more greeting cards, it’s a day created by file storage enthusiasts around the world to remind everyone to check their computer backups. World Backup Day is on March 31st of every year. This… Read more »