New Facebook Page Features

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Today, Facebook has rolled out their long awaited updates to Facebook Pages. Pages are generally used for businesses; it’s typically a Page used to reach out to the market of said business. Our FilesAnywhere Facebook Page is pretty awesome. I mean, maybe I’m a bit biased, but it’s still pretty sharp. With the new updates,… Read more »

Snow Week

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Photo credit: txvoodoo, Flickr Texans aren’t at all familiar with ice. The moment a snowflake touches the ground, schools within a hundred miles begin preparing announcements for a winter day off, and even the expert drivers at FilesAnywhere have to dodge jackknifed semis.  This week, all school districts in the Dallas area will have been… Read more »

This Blog’s for You!

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Start connecting with FilesAnywhere… There are now many ways for you to connect with FilesAnywhere.  Being able to connect with us easily means quickly resolving a question or reading the latest about our service – all while commuting (passengers only please), waiting for your meeting to begin, while the green tea cools to drinking temp,… Read more »

Hello World!

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Welcome to the FilesAnywhere blog!  As you may or may not know, FilesAnywhere is a cloud storage company founded back in 1999.  The company offers many services to its users, and what better way to communicate with our users than with a blog?  I mean, it’s 2011.  It’s never too late, right?  First things first… Read more »