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folder life buoyWe have a tendency to think of our technology as infallible, when in fact, it’s not a matter of if it will fail, but when it will fail. Hard drive crashes, human error, viruses, software corruption, natural disaster, loss, and theft are just a few of the reasons your data could be damaged, destroyed, or gone forever. Disaster recovery and downtime cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars, and that doesn’t even account for the emotional toll on real people when livelihoods, or entire lives in photographs, are lost. It is, however, entirely preventable.

Join Us for World Backup Day

March 31st is World Backup Day.  Founded in 2011, World Backup Day was created to bring awareness to the growing need for data backup, as well as the need to make sure those backups are occurring as scheduled. According to, more than 60 million computers will fail worldwide this year alone, and 113 cell phones will be lost or stolen every minute in the U.S. It’s important to be ready with your backup plan.

Free Automated Backup with CoolBackup

FilesAnywhere offers real-time backup and powerful synchronization tools for consumers and businesses through Coolbackup. WebAdvanced users receive a free backup license to download CoolBackup, and enjoy automatic, point-in-time protection to offsite storage and real-time synchronization and backup from a designated drive to their FilesAnywhere account. CoolBackup is offered in both a PC and Mac version, and although it’s simple enough for individual use, it’s also robust enough for use with business servers.

Take the Pledge and Be Ready

We store everything from our most precious memories— first date photos, our baby’s first steps, even the last hug we shared with a loved one— to mission critical data, such as financial data, operational information, and contracts on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. With so much invested in our technology, it’s incredible how many individuals and companies don’t perform regular backups. Only 1 in 4 people regularly backup his or her information, and many businesses have admitted to backing up data only a few times a week.

Make these statistics a thing of the past for yourself and others – go to, take the pledge to backup your computer on World Backup Day this Sunday, then let FilesAnywhere make that task just a little simpler with our automated backup solution, Coolbackup.

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