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Want a quick, reliable way to deliver content without the hassle of email file size restrictions, or relying on FTP? Look no further. Cloud-based file sharing, better known as online file sharing, gives you the ability to send files of any size or format using a simple link. Recipients can access the contents of a link using any platform, internet browser, or web-enabled device. Follow the instructions below to get started.

Share Files Online in Three Simple Steps

In order to send a file online, it must first be stored in an online location. This can be done by uploading the file to a personal account with an online file storage provider. Creating an account is fast, easy, and free to start. As always, it is important to choose a provider that keeps your information secure.

  • Step 1- Create an online file storage account with a secure provider. This article is a good guide to follow when looking for a trustworthy service.
  • Step 2- Upload the files or folders you wish to share to your account online. (Tip: Upload all of the files on your computer to create a backup of your information. This will keep your data safe and accessible in the event of a hard drive crash, theft, or unexpected accident.)
  • Step 3- Right click the file in your account, and select “Send Link,” or choose the share icon next to the file to create your link.

You can now share your link via email, social network, or embed it in on a website or blog post. When clicked, the link will navigate directly to the file you wish to share with the viewer. Depending on the service you use, you can customize your link to your specific needs. Secure services even give you the ability to password protect a link, set an expiration date, mark it as read-only, or track/limit file views and downloads.

Do More Than Send Files Online

Need to receive files online? You can also configure a link to let others upload files directly into your online file storage account. You can also share links with groups to work on projects, or create a branded account for your company to communicate easily with your team. To learn more about the benefits of online file sharing, click here.

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