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The Latest Dropbox™ Link Update Allows for Unlimited File Uploads

We’ve updated FilesAnywhere Dropbox Links to match the style of the new user interface, and users now have ability to enable entire folder uploads with no limit on the folder/file size or number of uploads. This update puts  FilesAnywhere a cut above other online file sharing services. Why? We are the only online backup and free cloud storage provider to allow unlimited file exchange between users and guests without requiring the download of our application or purchase of a paid account.

It is our mission to make FilesAnywhere user friendly for both our customers and those they need to collaborate with. Rather than force guests to jump through downloads and purchases to use our product, we rely on our satisfied customers to recommend our services.

Share and Receive Files Online Without Limits


Ready to use the new Dropbox Links to share files online? Simply log in and follow the usual steps for sending a Dropbox Link:

1. Click on the Share tab

2. Click on Send Dropbox Link

3. Select the folder where you would like to receive files

4. Click on the Access & Permissions tab from inside of the share screen

5. Check the box in the Permissions section labeled “Allow users to upload entire folders”

This will automatically format your Dropbox Link to upload files using JAVA, which bypasses the 2GB file size limit imposed by the browser. Guests can drag and drop files or folders directly into the file upload section.


These updates will not affect any existing Dropbox Links. Guests will simply see the new interface design when accessing previously shared links to a FilesAnywhere account. If you would like to change the settings of an existing Dropbox Link to allow for entire folder uploads, click on Manage Dropbox Links from the Share tab within the User Interface, and follow the steps above. Users may also select the JAVA upload option on their own by clicking “Try Other Upload Methods” at the bottom of the Dropbox Link Screen.

Share Your Thoughts

Be on the lookout for similar updates to FilesAnywhere FileShare™ Links and Picture Links. If you have any questions regarding this update, feel free to leave a comment, send us an e-mail at, or call our support team at (855) SYNC-NOW 9 AM – 9 PM Eastern Time. Don’t have a FilesAnywhere account yet? Get a 1GB account for free at No credit card is needed and active accounts never expire.

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  • Everett O’Keefe

    Looks great!  Thanks for doing this!  Keeping an updated look is important!  And keeping it easy is too.  We appreciate your work.

    • filesanywhere

      Thank you for the feedback!

  • John Thain

     Yep, looks great, and thanks for keeping it easy for the user.  Not requiring additional software is key.  One request:  Optional filesize limits.  I’d love to be able to prevent the upload of files more then 250mb, or 100mb, depending on the dropbox.  This will prevent my drive from filling up so fast.

    • FilesAnywhere

      Thanks!  And you bring up a very good point.  I’ll take this to development and see where we can go with it!

  • Rigarunner

    What is the connection between FilesAnywhere and Dropbox?

    • FilesAnywhere

      FilesAnywhere offers the Dropbox™ service as a way to receive files with a simple link. We are not affiliated with Dropbox, Inc., the company.