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The new View/Play Module in the FilesAnywhere User Interface provides a user-friendly way to manage your data. Instantly view, edit, and share the documents in a folder at a glance from within your account. All the tools you need to organize your files are now right at your fingertips. See below for a full list of improvements to the Preview module.


The new View/Play Module is available for any file, which means you can preview the content of documents, presentations, spreadsheets, PDF files, images, and more, before you share them with guests or other users. To access the View/Play Module, choose Preview from settings menu (gear icon). You will then be able to see the new Preview layout with the following additions:
1. Viewing your files no longer requires opening a new browser window.
2. Enhanced efficiency means files open even faster than before.
3. You can quickly view Comments left on the file or make your own.
4. Added Versioning support allows you to easily switch between older copies of the same file.
5. A new Share option is available from within viewer, as well as Download and Delete.
6. File Details are now included, so you can view information such as file size, creation date, meta tags, etc.
7. Tags can be viewed, added, or edited directly in Preview mode
8. Other Files within the Folder can be viewed and managed from the new sidebar
9. A Settings menu lets you quickly choose which files you want to view, and how you would like them to appear.


Let Us Know What You Think


Our developers have been hard at work putting the finishing touches such as this on our newly enhanced user interface, but they still need your help.  Give us your feedback in a comment below or e-mail with your suggestions.  We want to know what you think of our updates, and what other improvements you would like to see to our online file storage solution.


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