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online file sharing collaboration teaching cloud teacher appreciation recognitionMay 7-11 is Teacher Appreciation week. We want to take a moment to recognize teachers across the country, and to say thank you for your hard work, enthusiasm, and sacrifice.

Where would we be without teachers? Take a second to think about it. Can you write your name? Thank a teacher. Are you reading the latest bestseller and really enjoying it? Thank a teacher. Do you know the difference between an insect and a spider? How to balance your checkbook? How to drive a car? Thank a teacher. If you found something that you loved and followed a dream, you can probably thank a teacher for that, too.

FilesAnywhere Helping Teachers Meet Challenges

It takes devotion, passion, and enthusiasm to be a teacher and to overcome the challenges faced on the job. Overcoming imited funds, large class sizes, and finding new ways to reach students, as well as their parents, are critical yet problematic. FilesAnywhere is pleased to provides solutions that truly help teachers in the classroom and beyond:

Collaborate with Colleagues

Even teachers need to learn, and a large part of that continuing education comes through peers and colleagues. We understand that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to schedule additional time. With FilesAnywhere GroupShare™, you can create virtual meeting rooms to share relevant studies, educational articles, work together on curriculum, and exchange ideas. Each participant has instant access and can collaborate it in real-time, or when time permits.

Spark Interest Through Technology

Students today are extremely sophisticated when it comes to technology. Help unlock the desire to learn in new ways with FilesAnywhere. Share assignments and study materials with FileShare™ Links, or set up collaborative projects between students and virtual study groups with GroupShare. When students access courses through a medium they enjoy, learning becomes exciting again.

Organize and Access Course Material

It’s tough out there with budgets are stretched to the max and classroom sizes growing. FilesAnywhere can help teachers with the influx of papers, as well as access to core curriculum materials through a single portal. Store and stream videos for in class or at home viewing assignments, view and present documents from your computer to projectors, distribute slides, and create personalized Dropbox™ Links to receive assignments.

Reach Parents

As an educator, you know the importance of parental involvement.Today there are so many more working parents, and finding time to work together, or even just reaching them, can be a difficult. FilesAnywhere can help you foster a virtual working relationship with parents. Share progress reports, conference materials, even send and receive permission slips instantly. The applications to help organize and collaborate with parents are almost limitless.

A Few of Our Education Partners

FilesAnywhere has more than 13 years of experience providing secure service to educators and institutions. View a few of our partners and learn more. We’re happy to help so feel free to contact us with questions.

Origins of Teacher Recognition Day and Teacher Appreciation Week

We learn so much more than we realize from educators. The foundation of nearly everything we do in our adult lives we learn in school. Teachers with dedication and passion pass along an appetite for learning that set us, and our children, on the right path. A path to success and a path to a great future.

We can’t imagine a time when we DIDN’T take a day to recognize and thank teachers everywhere. But when and where did it all start? According to, you can thank Mattye Whyte Woodbridge, an Arkansas teacher who began a letter writing campaign in 1944. Mattye corresponded with political and educational leaders about the need for a national day of honor, including Eleanor Roosevelt who persuaded congress to proclaim a National Teacher day in 1953.

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