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Your FilesAnywhere account holds lots of data, and you may have hundreds or even thousands of different files safely stored. Like file folders stuffed to the brim with paper— even if it’s well organized— you can spend quite some time searching for what you want. We’ve been there, and understand that our customers rely on us for simple solutions to streamline digital life. Our built-in search tool includes indexing for faster searches and rapid results.

How it Works

Indexing identifies words and their location, recurrence, and importance within documents in your account. This can make searching in any account, especially large accounts, much faster. If you’re using a free FilesAnywhere account, you’ll need to index your files manually. Paid accounts enjoy auto-indexing of files, and indexing occurs once a week.

Using the Search Index

  • In the Beta Interface, you’ll see the search text box in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Click the grey arrows to open the full search menu.
  • Enter the words you’d like to search by in the File Name and/or Text in Files field(s).
  • Choose any of the other search parameters you’d like to use.
  • Make sure the Use Search Index check box is enabled.
  • Click the Search button to retrieve the results.

Below the Use Search Index check box, you’ll notice the last date indexing occurred on your account. If you’ve added files since the last indicated indexing, click the Refresh button to bring it current. Initiating a re-index of your account won’t affect what you’ve entered into the search function. So, if you don’t do it prior, feel free to re-index after entering all your search parameters. Once complete, just close the indexing window and continue your search.

Enabling the Beta Interface

Aren’t using the beta interface? Here’s how to get the sleek, new look:

  • Login to your FilesAnywhere account.
  • The “Try Our New Look” button is located next to the Logout button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Try This…

  • To search and find the photos you want more quickly, tag them with keywords.
  • Want to return more results? Use a wildcard such as the asterisk (*) or forward slash(/). For example, *.doc will return all .doc files, or searching Marketing* will return all files containing the word “Marketing”.
  • Index all the text in your files by clicking the “text in files” link below the Text in Files box. This text index separate from search indexing and is only on user demand.

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